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Johnny Childs using Moxa on a patient before needling

Johnny Childs
at Kite Clinic

       bringing in the light


What we do is different 

What we do is different, and it is this difference that has helped Kite Clinic become the most talked-about acupuncture practice in the UK.

Five-Element Acupuncture,  stands alone from all other styles. This style of acupuncture and its understanding of life, teaches us that every human being has an innate ability to self-heal and return to full health. My responsibility as a practitioner at Kite Clinic is to help patients awaken this natural response.


Five-Element Acupuncture is different to other schools of thought, in that your symptoms are simply seen as alarm bells of distress and a welcome signal that we are being made aware that something is wrong. Rather than try to silence a symptom, we find the cause. We can’t treat symptoms, we can only treat people, and we know from our extensive experience and acknowledged success that when we see the patient as a unique individual, this personal focus fuels the potency of our treatments and effects a cure. 

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My Story  

I'm a licensed acupuncturist (Lic.Ac) and apprenticed under Acupuncture Master Gerad Kite, alongside my studies at The Acupuncture Acadmey (M.B.Ac.C.). 


currently works alongside Gerad at Kite Clinic on Wimpole Street. While welcoming patients with all kinds of symptoms, I do specialise  in providing acupuncture treatment for people seeking help with fertility.

In 2015 I  joined the teaching faculty at 'The London Institute of Five Element Acupuncture' (LIFEA) and now head the ‘Point Location’ team, where I'm responsible for teaching and maintaining excellence in the location of acupuncture points.


Before becoming an acupuncturist, I was an actor and a stunt man and also achieved a black belt (3rd Dan) in karate, which I taught for many years. 

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Johnny Childs - teaching acupuncture

"Johnny Childs is one of the best acupuncturists. After a few sessions, you may find you sleep better. Or argue less. You're a little calmer. You see a bit clearer. It's an eye opener."  - Tatler magazine 

Five-Element acupuncture

Five-Element Acupuncture originated in China well over 2000 years ago, and has been passed down from Master to Student both through the study of texts and oral teaching. An unbroken lineage has maintained the transmission of an astounding body of knowledge of health, illness and the human condition.

Diagnosis & Treatment 

Diagnosis involves looking at a patient’s constitutional and emotional make-up; their strengths and weaknesses.

The actual treatment plan will then be based around each individual’s needs. The treatment journey takes the patient from pathology to good health and through to accessing their full potential.

Fertility & Acupuncture

If you’re looking for help and support with fertility issues, you’ve come to the right place!  Johnny Childs apprenciated for several years under  Fertility expert & Master Acupuncturist Gerad Kite. Johnny to this day works extremely closely with Gerad - and Kite Clinic is firmly established as London’s acupuncture clinic with a reputation for supporting people hoping to improve their fertility. 

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