“With their unique technique, Kite Clinic can help fertility-challenged people conceive – and has more than 1,000 success stories to prove it.”
– Mail on Sunday

Acupuncture & Fertility

If you’re looking for help and support with fertility issues, you’ve come to the right place!  Johnny Childs apprencieted for several years under Fertility expert & Master Acupuncturist  Gerad Kite. Johnny to this day works extremely closely with Gerad - and Kite Clinic is firmly established as London’s acupuncture clinic with a reputation for supporting people hoping to improve their fertility

Whether you aim to conceive naturally or whether IVF is necessary, Johnny practises a style of acupuncture that aims to rebalance your system – and from what we have learned as a clinic from our patients’ feedback – the tangible experience of feeling more balanced appears to translate into boosting fertility. In this field, we have gained a sound reputation, having worked with thousands of couples and individuals who testify that the experience of coming to us helped in their journey to having a child.

Mel C talks Five-Element acupuncture at Kite Clinic

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